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Increasing peak performance in athletes

During the long hours of training needed to increase the skill level in any sport, patterns are formed in the fascia that supports the muscles, joints and bones. These patterns are created over time to support the body in the movements most commonly practiced. Unfortunately these patterns also restrict the free movement of the body and can be felt as “tightening up” when you push your body to the limit.

By releasing these patterns we can reduce the risk of injury, increase the flexibility and resilience of the body and reduce the amount of energy required to perform the basics in your sport. This enables you to work harder for longer at your current level of fitness.

An example of this is the serving action and forehand action in tennis, which both require a rotation through the shoulder, ribcage and pelvis to generate the power. In most people rotating in that direction will feel easier than rotating towards their backhand (as the ribcage can rotate easier one way than the other). Releasing this pattern will increase the range of movement in both directions as well as increasing the power generated.

The proprioceptive reflexes are crucial for refining a movement to make it as efficient as possible, which is the key to increasing your ability at peak performance. As Ortho-bionomy works on the proprioceptive reflexes, the added benefit of sessions is more efficient flowing movements that minimise the amount of energy used to recruit muscles.

Relatively small changes in how the pelvis works can extend your gait, this in turn can increase the distance travelled with each stride. This is the easiest way to increase physical performance in running type sports.

Sports people often find their body recovers quicker after getting Ortho-Bionomy sessions.

If you have issues such as

  • Lower back pain
  • Tight ITB or knee pain
  • Unstable ankles or painful feet
  • Tight hamstrings
  • Constant tension in piriformis or glutes
  • Shortened gait
  • Shoulder pain or a history of dislocation
  • Pain or pins & needles in arms & hands
  • Headaches after exercise
  • Shin splints

Then you will find Ortho-Bionomy very helpful.



Ben Naug

Ben Naug
Beachfit Outdoor Fitness

"I had been putting up with some nerve pain in my back & hip from a training accident for a few months before trying Ortho-Bionomy. After only a couple of appointments with Rob my body was back in its natural position and my running and recovery time had improve dramatically.  I would highly recommend this treatment for both injuries & greater health."

Jordan Mowen

Jordan Mowen
Semi -Pro beach volleyball player (Team Mowen)

"Upon receiving treatment  during a Volleyball tournament I had immediate relief of some of my shoulder pain. The exercises helped my shoulder to sit in a stronger position thus reducing my pain. I would have like to have had the opportunity to do more sessions with Rob and to have had the treatment outside of a tournament to be able to see the real potential of this treatment without the impact of having to play a tournament at the same time. I would recommend that people are open to this type of treatment for relief of their pain. 

Jordan Mowen 


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