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Ortho-Bionomy - Testimonials

Im absolutely amazed just how gentle and calming Ortho Bionomy is. Phase 4 blew my mind, ease the Psoas without causes discomfort. I also have an injury to my ankle, March 2016 I fell and had a grade 3 ankle sprain, several treatments from Physio, Osteo, dry needling, Remedial etc nothing was working to relieve the tightness and some pain. Have not been able to walk along the beach or deep squat in training. October 28th had a treatment with Rob..OMG !..seriously my shoe was loose and I could walk better, The next morning I went for a walk on the beach, dipped my toes in the water and I can squat, woo hoo happy tears.
So very grateful that I went to do the training, meet other people, and especially Rob for helping my ankle to heal and realign. Can't wait to do more phases..

Renata Gold Coast

After having neck and shoulder issues causing me pain and restricting movement I decided to give Ortho-Bionomy a try.
Wow!! This is such a low impact relaxing treatment with amazing results. I even felt things move and pain subside on the day!!! 
I would highly recommend Rob he is very thorough and informative. This is an amazing treatment!

Kate Sunshine Coast


I’m not one for getting migraines but experienced a huge migraine recently which I had for about a week which gradually got worse and couldn’t function. 1 session with Rob and immediately felt the tension release. After a good nights sleep, next morning I woke up feeling better than ever. I highly recommend Ortho-Bionomy.

Keturah Edens Sunshine Coast

Chronic lower back pain

"For the whole of this year I had been experiencing increasingly severe lower back pain associated with two bulging discs.  My life had completely been put on hold, as i became housebound for many months, unable to drive, care for my family, sleep, and even dress myself unaided,  not to mention the physiological impact associated with such a painful condition .   Nerve pain, pins and needles in my legs and  sciatica were also  increasingly becoming a problem.  Before being referred to Rob, i had tried Chiropractic, Physio, Infra red laser treatment, and acupuncture all of which either made the problem worse or provided little improvement.   Being close to seeking surgical intervention, i was more than happy to give this natural therapy a go.    

I began to see results within a few weeks, and as Rob explained, the healing  process would take place  "layer by layer" and thats how it felt.   Initially i would have a few good days a week, however, with Robs encouragement and some  patience on my behalf , eventually  I would then have only a few bad days a week. I have been seeing Rob now for around 4 months and i can honestly say i  now have virtually no pain and for the first time in a year i back to being almost fully independent  and no longer require analgesia .   The nerve pain/ pins and needles have completely vanished and i am now walking for an hour many days a week as well as swimming with out pain.  The stiffness and inflammation  in my spine has  reduced to the point where it is localised to around the lower lumber area whereas initially it was up to my thoracic spine!  

I found  Orthobionomy  treatment to be safe, very gently - almost relaxing at times, and most importantly, effective.    Rob is a wealth of information, and is passionate about  his healing methods .   I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing any sort of muscular/skeletal pain .  Life is so much more enjoyable when pain is no longer an issue.


Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

Two years ago I hurt my shoulder and ended up with a frozen shoulder.  I went to see a physiotherapist to receive treatment as I was in a lot of pain.  Being impatient I asked how long it would take to fix, really just wanting to know how long I had to put up with the pain.  I was told it could take up to three months.  After three months I was still receiving treatment and told that it could take up to 12 months to heal.  I also had a cortisone injection for the pain.  I had one good night’s sleep as a result. After eight months visiting on roughly a fortnightly basis, I stopped going.  About 14months later I noticed my shoulder was no longer painful.

Six months ago I was having pain in my left shoulder and thought, pain for another twelve months and I will be good. I went to see Rob Rich who was recommended by a friend.  This shoulder has been painful for six months.  The first session with Rob, I came away very relaxed, and my shoulder seemed a little better.  The treatment is very non-invasive and you wonder if anything is actually happening. I came home very tired.  I slept that night for 12 hours, which is unheard of for me! The pain was still there but it was a different pain.  I saw Rob a week later, and came away much improved. Before I saw Rob I could not lift my arm up past my shoulder, two sessions later and I can!  It has been a week since the last session and this morning I woke up and realised my shoulder had not caused me pain all night!  I actually stretched! Rob also gave me some magnesium spray which is fantastic. If you are a cynic I suggest you see Rob, try OB, as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, I for one, thoroughly recommend it.

Mary (Brisbane)

Rotator cuff Injury

- resolved in 2 sessions

I pulled my rotator cuff in December 2013 and have been seeing the physio for 2 months every week with no real results. My ROM was very limited and had a lot of pain. After the first treatment with Rob I had half my range of motion back and after the second I was doing full push ups again. Thank you so much for giving me my shoulder back.

Jo Lamond (Personal Trainer, Bundaberg)

Acute long term shoulder pain

- resolved in 2 sessions

Approximately 16 years ago I received an injury to my right shoulder from an awkward landing playing touch football. I was immediately referred to a physiotherapist for treatment which lasted several months, on and off with little improvement. As I rely on my shoulder heavily to carry out my job as a carpenter, I was advised the only real solution to the pain and discomfort was surgery. This was not an option in my eyes. So I learnt to live and deal with it for 15 long years. The last 12 months prior to receiving treatment from Rob was almost unbearable. Even to sleep on my shoulder for more than 15 minutes would cause excruciating pain and freezing up of the shoulder joint.

Upon receiving my first one hour treatment from Rob, I noticed a massive difference in pain, discomfort and range of movement – almost a numbing, buzzing feeling had taken over my shoulder. With two more sessions and some simple exercise the pain had reduced from a constant 7/10 to zero pain within a few weeks.
It has now been around 10 months since receiving treatment from Rob and my shoulder has still zero pain. It truly is an amazing, gentle, relaxing treatment that Rob practices and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

He has truly changed my life. Thanks Rob.

Larry Thompson (Hervey Bay)

Severe Back Pain

- resolved in 3 sessions

This letter is to confirm that Mr Rich has been treating a patient of mine who was experiencing severe disabling pain from degenerative spinal and facet joint disease. She was managing poorly with multiple analgesic medications. She had attended physiotherapy with little improvement. She had three sessions of treatment with Mr Rich.

On review today she is remarkably improved. She is generally pain free. She does not require any analgesic medication and her mobility has improved.

On the basis of her history and examination today I would certainly feel that Mr Rich’s treatment has been significantly beneficial to her health and well being. I would certainly recommend his treatment to other patients with similar problems.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Kylie Francis M.B.R.S. (Ex Vanderlin Drive Medical Centre (NT) Currently Central Medical, Mackay QLD)


David Norman

David Norman
Hervey Bay

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"Within one session I was feeling a lot freer and I wasn't getting the aches and pains that I was regularly getting"

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